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Esbit Solid Fuel.
Made To Survive.

Product information about Esbit solid fuel

Properties/fuel values

  • Esbit solid fuel is made from a special mixture of methenamine (initially a colourless crystalline powder) and wax, compressed at high pressure into tablet form.
  • Ignites with a match or lighter; very high calorific value:  28,400 kJ/kg
  • Extremely light, available in sizes of 4 to 30 g, depending on requirements and area of use
  • Depending on the tablet size, the burning time is around 5 to 15 minutes. Example of cooking performance: 0.5 litres of water boils in 5 minutes (tested with 1 x 27 g tablet in a pocket stove with wind screen Art. 002 227 00 with stainless steel pot Art. PT1000ST)
  • Esbit also burns reliably in bad weather conditions, at higher altitudes and at both plus and minus temperatures (°C)


  • Compact and safe to handle, non-explosive
  • No sparks or crumbling of the tablet during burning 
  • Non-toxic, burns cleanly without developing smoke and leaves hardly any ash residue in the stove due to the high cleanliness level
  • Can be packed with foods (e.g. as part of ration packs)
  • Tablets can be divided

Packaging/shelf life

  • Because they are packed in blister packs, the tablets are easy to handle, lightweight, and take up very little space in transport. Also available in a practical, high-barrier tubular bag film.
  • Esbit solid fuel tablets are thus safely protected against the effects of the environment, oxygen in the air and moisture and will keep for many years.

General information

  • NATO Stock Number (NSN) : 9110-12-121-3697
  • REACH-compliant
  • Safety Data Sheet (according to Regulation (EC) no. 1907/2006, Appendix II) available in several languages on request
  • UN no. : 1328 ; CAS No. : 100-97-0
  • Class/packaging group (PG): 4.1 / III

Good reasons to choose Esbit

  • Developed and produced in Germany (factory certified under ISO 9001: 2015) 
  • Delivery worldwide by road, sea and air possible
  • Reliable delivery on time
  • High customer satisfaction, customer loyalty over many years

Burning Time*


5 MIN.


7 MIN.


12 MIN.


15 MIN.

*approx. time, depending on stove and ambient conditions

Time needed to heat or bring to the boil 0.25-0.5 litres, for example*

4g tablet

5g tablet

14g tablet

27g tablet

*approx. time, depending on stove, cooking equipment and ambient conditions

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